Special Olympian Matt Hernandez Visits Legends Sports Bar

Kayaking Silver Medalist Matt Hernandez Visits Legends Sports Bar

Legends Sports Bar was honored with a visit from Matt Hernandez, Silver Medalist in this year’s Special Olympics Kayaking event.

The team at Legends got a chance to meet Matt who came sporting his beautiful hard earned medal. Matt had recently earned his Silver in the 500 meter Kayaking race in spite of what most would consider insurmountable odds. You see, Hernandez was born with Rubinstein Taybi syndrome, a condition that doctors believed would place his life expectancy to less than 15years of age. Now at 21 years of age, Matt has proven to the world that with incredible work ethic, a deep faith and a strong family connection, life is what we make it to be. “This is such a special time for Matt and our family and we are happy to get to share this amazing journey…” stated Matthew’s aunt Andria Green in an interview after placing 2nd in the event.

The journey to this day was no easy road. “They told us he won’t be able to walk, talk or eat on his own,” stated Matt’s family. “His grandma would stay up, starting 12 o’clock at night and feed him with an eyedropper like a puppy, till he finally started swallowing,” they continued.

The hard work paid off as demonstrated by his Silver Medal.


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