This picture depicts Rebecca Hinderer during her time spent as head bar tender at Legends Sports Bar. Rebecca now owns her own restaurant on Belmont Shore!

Legends Congratulates Our Mixologist

Art of Mixology Competition

Legends Sports Bar, the first modern sports bar in America, is proud to congratulate Rebecca Hinderer for taking home the prestigious affirmation of being the “Best Bar-Tender in Long Beach.”

Helens Hibiscus is the creation of Rebecca Hinderer

Rebecca took home the honor by sharing with the Judges her very own creation dubbed “Helen’s Hibiscus”[pictured left], which is a gorgeous violet concoction served in a highball glass.

“Helen’s Hibiscus” is a creation that mixes layers of gin and Creme de Violette which presents itself as a sophisticated gem of a cocktail that is effortlessly enjoyed at any hour of the day.

“One of the most important shifts in perspective we want our patrons to experience is that Legends Sports Bar is not just a ‘Beer and Wings’ spot,” says Eric Johnson, principal of Legends Sports Bar. “We strive to offer our patrons the best of Sport – all sports – including the skill that Rebecca has mastered over the last six years of working as a bartender at Legends. We are so very proud of her taking home the title – it couldn’t have been awarded to a more deserving person.”

While presenting her libation to the judges, Rebecca spoke nervously, yet eloquently, about the cocktail’s historical context, citing “the Roman influence came from my desire to appeal to women, hence the name Helen, which means ‘the most beautiful woman.’”

Helen’s Hibiscus is a combination of gin, basil, blackberry, Creme de Violette and Hibiscus rose-based soda water (which Rebecca made herself), garnished with an edible hibiscus and blackberry.

Legends Sports Bar Congratulates Rebecca Hinderer for grabbing "The Best Bar Tender in Long Beach" title!

Rebecca’s inspiration comes from her six years of working at Legends and observing her female patrons. During her service at Legends she noted that “most women do not order gin,” and that she “wanted to create a drink that would be palatable for women and not too sweet for men.”

Rebecca is constantly seeking out new recipes that are both innovative and female-centric but male-friendly.

Rebecca is not originally from the Long Beach area but now considers it her home. A professional woman who takes her job seriously, she did not expect to win the competition, but was “truly grateful for the opportunity to fundraise and compete alongside incredible mixologists.”

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