Sam Adams Octoberfest

Octoberfest has begun!

Legends Sports Bar, located in Belmont Shore CA, is ready for this year’s Octoberfest and is ready to kick it off in Boston style. If you haven’t yet tried a Sam Adams Octoberfest Ale, let yourself be pleased with its blend of five roasts of malt!

Story has it that in 1810, Munich celebrated the wedding of their Crown Prince with a special beer. The Sam Adams version of this classic Oktoberfest lager is a delicious harmony of sweet flavors, including caramel and toffee. The malt is complemented by an elegant bitterness imparted by the Bavarian Noble hops.

The smoothness and roasted malt character of OctoberFest make it a great pairing with roasted meats, bringing out a bit of sweetness that perfectly balances their savory flavor. For a classic pairing you can’t beat sausage and roasted pork. OctoberFest will also cut through the richness of creamy dishes like mac ‘n cheese or Crème Brûlé.

Her’s an overview of this beer:

Appearance: Deep Red Amber
Aroma: Roasted malt, slightly sweet
Flavor: Smooth with a deep malt complexity and roasty sweetness with a light hop character
Mouthfeel: Medium-bodied Finish: Smooth and sweet

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