Charity Golf Tournament

Charity Golf Tournament Sponsored by Legends

Thursday October 3rd, 2013

Please consider joining Legends Sports Bar in this year’s Charity Golf Tournament that supports an amazing mission through the United States Sailing Center in Long Beach, CA. The purpose of the Golf Tournament is to raise awareness and resources to support the ongoing efforts of amazing people who bring the power of sailing to at-risk and disabled youths.

This Charity in 2012 brought the joy of sailing to 272 people with disabilities who had never been on the ocean. The experience was magical and created memories and experiences that have gone on to make a significant impact in the quality of life of each individual who participated. Moreover, in the same year the Charity was responsible for introducing the joy of sailing to 184 at-risk youths whose life situations were dramatically impacted by being part of a sailing experience. Imaging the strength and joy that a first-time experience of being on the open ocean gives people – that is what this Charity is all about.

“Our Mission at Legends Sports Bar is to create a space for people to enjoy the entertainment value that sports has to offer. Every day we display amazing televised events throughout our venue that people sit back and enjoy. It hit me one day that we could do more.” says Eric Johnson, founding partner of Legends Sports Bar, Long Beach. “Through my passion for golf, and joy of sailing, we decided to partner with the United States Sailing Center to help their amazing Charity cause that brings first time sporting experiences to those who may never have the chance otherwise.”

Legends Sports Bar is a contributing partner to the event whose only purpose is to promote the positive message and give people a chance to participate in the event. If you are interested in helping this amazing cause, simply download the PDF file and register for the event.

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