Come watch Brazilian “Junior” take on Irishman “The Notorious” as they battle for the coveted belt. As Junior holds the title belt for his native Brazilians, The Notorious has rallied the entire nation of Ireland as he trains for the July fight. This is going to be an epic global battle – Brazil Vs. Ireland.

With great charisma and an insanely packed convention center, The Notorious grabbed the existing belt from Junior and held it up high above his head as if he were holding a beheaded enemy as he lead the Irish crowd into a screaming frenzy. Make no mistake however, Junior remained calm and collected as he countered “It doesn’t matter who holds the belt, it matters who is the champion and that’s me,” said Aldo.

With a belt at stake, and a Brazilian holding it, Mcgregor has his work cut out for him in Las Vegas. This fight is the fight of the year as it has set a global stage between Brazil and Ireland.

If ever there was a fight to watch at Legends Sports Bar, this is the one. Join us for this Pay Per View event. There will be a $10 cover.

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