Announcing Our Newest Collectable

If you’ve been to Legends Sports Bar in Long Beach, then you’ve seen first hand the incredible lineup of sports memorabilia that has been assembled by the owners over the years. What’s most noticeable is the sheer diversity of content from football Jersey’s to an Indy car hanging prominently next to their bar. It’s a celebration of sport from one corner of the venue to the other! This past month marked a new, and special addition to their incredible collection – The NCAA Men’s Volleyball Championship banner!

Most patrons might not know this little piece of local trivia, but there is a deep connection between the owners of Long Beach and California State University Long Beach (CSULB). In fact, Legends Sports Bar are what are referred to as an Inner Circle donor to the Long Beach State Athletics department. As such, they support all sports within the athletics program. If you have ever seen a 49’ers men’s basketball game, then you’ll know they are the half-court shot prize sponsors at every home game! Not only do they support and sponsor basketball, but Legends Sports Bar is an active support of baseball with merchandise giveaways. As if that weren’t enough, they participate in food trades and have participated at VolleyBall games with merchandise giveaways as well. Their support runs deep as they not only take care of the fans, but they have a package and level of participation that includes food trade for staff, events and athletes, as well as straight monetary donations.

In recognition for all that they do for the CSULB Athletic department, Legends Sports Bar was presented with the Men’s Volleyball NCAA Championship banner out of appreciation and support for all that they do – a recognition that Matt Peterson expanded on, “We have a number of unique, one of a kind pieces from the university that we proudly display throughout the restaurant and that are showcased on the Long Beach wall.” stated Peterson. “Our new NCAA Championship Banner has a letter of authenticity from the NCAA, and it hung proudly at the NCAA national headquarters after the 2018 season win.” explains Peterson. “It now has a new home here at Legends Sports Bar for all to appreciate!”. The Men’s Volleyball team captured the 2019 season banner which now hangs prominently in their headquarters with a duplicate banner which hangs in the Pyramid.

Connection to CSULB runs deep for Peterson as his Grandfather was the founder of CSULB back in 1949, and also went on to be President of CSULB in 1959. Matt’s business partner and first cousin Eric Johnson attended CSULB and continues to lead the charge and enthusiasm in rooter-bus events that originate from their venue on 2nd street. (If you haven’t experience that yet – you’ve got to do it and experience first hand the enthusiasm and thrill!). “The university has always been a part of our lives and a place we are incredibly prideful of.” says Peterson. “Our involvement through Legends Sports Bar just makes it all the more fun and meaningful for us.”

The 2018 banner will be hung prominently at Legends Sports Bar for all to see and is a particularly unique piece of history as it symbolizes CSULB recapturing the NCAA Title, which had last been captured back in 1991 (27 years prior!). This recent recapturing of the Title in Long Beach has been a celebration of the hard work by the staff and student-athletes. As a result of these two back to back wins, Long Beach State is now regarded as the best volleyball program in the nation.

Congratulations Legends Long Beach! You’re a natural home for this cool 2018 banner.

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