Abby Wambach is pictured here holding the America Flag as she celebrates the women's soccer team win.

Abby Wambach Visits Legends Sports Bar

Legendary Abby Wambach Spends an Afternoon at Legends


There are few times that even we are starstruck by legendary sports idols. But a recent visit by Abby Wambach to Legends Sports Bar put such an enormous smile on everyone’s face that it definitely needs a shout out – WE GOT TO MEET ABBY WAMBACH!

Every step of the way throughout the progression of the Women’s World Cup 2015 soccer event we saw spotlight interviews of Wambach speaking of giving her all, fighting against the odds, pushing herself and her teammates further than most and that this World Cup was her last stand at winning the gold. The World Cup drama was thick and we were all enrolled in the hope of victory.

What you might not know about Wambach

Did you know she was also an accomplished Basketball player? Did you know that her stunning header goal during the 2004 Olympics finals caused a win over Brazil to earn the team the Gold? We are talking major street credibility with Wambach. This athlete is a major powerhouse!

The stunning sportsmanship doesn’t end there though. Most memorable was when she was sucker-punched by Columbia’s lady Andrade early in the 2012 Olympics, but instead of retaliating, she took the rough treatment in stride and tweeted an Epic and memorable photo of her well earned Black-Eye after the game. This Athlete is not only a ruthless competitor, but she is also a player of integrity and grit. She’s the real deal that any striving new athlete can take role model tips from!


A classy person, a Gold Medal Winner!

It’s not often that we get a chance to witness legendary moments in sports history, but Wambach allowed us all to appreciate the sweet victory of a USA Gold when her team won against Japan in an unbelievable 5-2 victory.

Although Wambach did not score in the final game, she was the heart and soul of the team that energized America as the drama of the sport unravelled.

Simply put, she was the player that brought us all together to root for an amazing team.

Mary Abigail “Abby” Wambach – you are our Legend!

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